United Nations CERF and Church of God

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33 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    It’s such a great honor!!! I can’t believe it!!!!

  2. Klaudia says:

    I barely knew about CERF. I think it is very useful information.

    • crystal says:

      As for vulnerable people, UN CERF do the best, Church of God do the best for all mankind who didn’t know the truth. And WMSCOG preach the Passover which is the way of rescue in the age of disaster.

  3. noeleden says:

    This is a good result!
    I think God the mother and father make this.
    Thanks to God!

  4. Amy says:

    wow.. This is because they spread the love of Mother by doing various activities. It is so wonderful.

  5. Jasmin says:

    It is very surprising and honorable that the church started from South Korea was invited by UN and gave a speech.

  6. szaz says:

    Wow, Through this, I hope many ppl in the world could see the light of the glory of Elohim God, who is good , Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother !

    • Kelly says:

      The church is unlike ordinary churches. Even whenever i see those who attend the church, i feel warm, joy and happiness.

  7. csara says:

    The world mission society church of god is so amazing church!! They show me ‘The real love’. 😀

  8. Erica says:

    Wow. God’s glory is spread all nations now.

  9. Nightflight says:

    Mother’s love is great.
    Through the volunteer Works of Wmccog , I can feel the love of Heavenly Mother toward people in the hardest situation.

  10. GraceKim says:

    I’m really proud to be a member of WMSCOG! thanks to Elohim God for allowing us the way to display their glory to many people.

  11. Dona says:

    Wow so amazing!!

  12. Kevin says:

    WMSCOG is now changing the world!

  13. titiana says:

    I’m really proud of it ! Thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother !

  14. hana says:

    WMSCOG is good church!

  15. Cathy says:

    Wonderful WMSCOG that is the light and salt of all around the world.

  16. Sarah love says:

    Very impressive and honorable!! Feel proud to be a memeber of WMSCOG and a child of Elohim God.

  17. diana says:

    It is very good news . Thanks to god the father and mother.

  18. Sara says:

    Everything is grace of our Elohim God 🙂

  19. susan loy says:

    A Splendid Church with national prestige. Their doing is gorgeous.

  20. Esther K says:

    Wow! This is a miracle of God in this age of the Holy Spirit! Thanks to Father and Mother!

  21. Dennis says:

    WMSCOG is a really helpful church to the world. I hope relationship of UN and WMSCOG would be continued.

    • crystal says:

      I agree with you tooally!! Actually when we see the work of WMSCOG, it is amazing. Because in the base of our mind, there is perfect example of Heavenly Mother. So I am so proud of God the Mother in WMSCOG!!

    • crystal says:

      I think that the partnership between UN and WMSCOG(World Mission Society Church of God) started to work together because UN CERF recognize WMSCOG. So amazing and great!!

  22. Annie says:

    this world need WMSCOG! they are doing great work!

  23. jason says:

    This is literally world mission; helping each other in this Global community.

  24. Amily Parker says:

    This is a natural result.I hope this will continue to lead to continued activity.
    WMSCOG is a good example of churches.

  25. crystal says:

    Awesome!! I am so proud of our church which is “The first church invited to the United Nations CERF”. Thanks to Heavenly Mother’s love, we could be invited the United Nations CERF to its 2017 high-level conference.

  26. Ryan says:

    WMSCOG is doing many good deeds and voluntary services with Mother’s love.

  27. Candice says:

    They’re real saints who believe true God.

  28. Emma says:

    Wow! Amazing!!
    WMSCOG is going to change the world with love of God the Mother!♡

  29. 빛사랑이라별 says:

    The source of love is God the Father and God the Mother who came to this earth. God’s great love is making all miracles. Just as God is love, children of God are love. I hope that the whole world will change in God’s love. W❤️U

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