I found love of heavenly mother in church of God

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5 Responses

  1. Alponso says:

    Now, I say that there’s nothing more powerful on earth than heavenly Mother’s love. Her earnest love made the living way among the darkness of death. She always helps me walk this living way, protecting me from all disasters. Truly, She is the source of eternal salvation. All thanks to heavenly Mother to seek and to save my wretched soul!

  2. Cathy says:

    Heavenly Mother’s Love is so deep and great. She always takes care of us during day and night.

  3. Remington says:

    I, too, realized this fact that great love had come from our Heavenly Mother only a short time ago.
    I am so grateful for the love and sacrifice that can not be measured for this sinner.

  4. noeleden says:

    You are so blessed. I think realizing God the mother’s love is important.

  5. noeleden says:

    Only in the WMSCOG, we can feel the love of God the mother.

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