Spotlight on WMSCOG at high-level conference in UN

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  1. Michael says:

    At this great news, one of my friends said to me, “Sorry! I’ve misunderstood your church. I hope to have a chance to learn the Bible in your church.” Thanks to Elohim God to move him. I’ll try to be faithful to God the Mother’s teachings.

    • emma says:

      So happy to hear that. when i showed off this big new, my friends wanted to come to our church for knowing our God!
      I give thanks to Elohim God!

  2. Stephen yoon says:

    It’s amazing to speech in UN. Your church is so good and practice God’s good deeds all over the world.

  3. noeleden says:

    I am so proud of WMSCOG! 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    This is the CHURCH. so wonderful. It is so proud as a member of WMSCOG.

  5. Jasmin says:

    It is very surprising and honorable that the church started from South Korea was invited by UN and gave a speech.

  6. Peach Taylor says:

    Wow! It’s amazing. Anyone can not be invited in UN High-level conference. Only World Mission Society Church of God was invited as the church. It proves that WMSCOG makes many contribution in the world and carry out the roles of the light and salt and share the love through the various voluntary service in the world.

  7. Erica says:

    WMSCOG is always sharing the love of heavenly mother. So, God give us good result.

  8. Kevin says:

    I can see that God is working with WMSCOG in order to let people know glory of God!

  9. Kira says:

    It’s a great thing ! Wow amazing

  10. lauren says:

    WMSCO were invited from UN High-Level Conference. I know it is first time that the Church itself by a religion took part in there.
    I am so proud of being a member of the Church of God. Great!!

  11. Cathy says:

    WMSCOG is following the Teachings of Mother so It attended UN CERF Conference and preached the Elohim God’s glory.

  12. Sarah love says:

    People who have misunderstood and slandered WMSCOG will be astonished at this wornderful news!! All glories to be on God Elohim !!

  13. diana says:

    I am glad to hear good News of WMSCOG. We always follow Bible’s teaching. Especially Now, good deeds need in the world.

  14. Jung says:

    I often see this church’s good news throughout the world. I think it is very special and can feel warm and cozy. Why?

  15. Hena says:

    I can see the glory of God the Father & Mother through this news.

  16. paula says:

    Wow!!! Invited to UN for the first time…!!

  17. Kelly says:

    Glory to father and mother! I am so proud of church of god. I am so amazed to see the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled.

  18. Tessa says:

    It is really a great chance to let the world know about church of god. Come to church of god!:)

  19. rena says:

    I am so proud of church of god it has received lots of awards and this time, it was invited to UN. Glory to father and mother.

  20. Ryan says:

    I’m so proud of being a memeber of the Church of God.

  21. kmu says:

    I feel now it’s time for prophecy of bible; Glory of God would appear in all around world in due time.

  22. Hana says:

    Wow!Hopefully the people will know the savior and the truth through this time!

  23. Kohls off says:

    Received item as described with fast shipment! Thanks! Love it!

  24. Canon says:

    This was great. Even now, some people are surprised when I show them this article.

  25. Alponso says:

    Now, God the Mother’s glory is shining all over the world. Those who heard about Her coming are rushing into the WMSCOG for eternal salvation. But, there’s a time for everything on earth. This is to be remembered by all of us.

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