Wow! My church WMSCOG Recevied Queen’s Award

Hi, my name is Amy and I am a member of World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) in Quezon City, Philippines.  I have belonged to this church for more than 10 years and ever since becoming a member, I have felt so thankful and proud at all times.  Especially these days, I feel even overwhelmed as a part of this wonderful church since it has been awarded the most prestigious award in the UK, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award(make it short ‘Queen’s Award’).  Actually, it is not the first time to get an award from the governments from other countries though.  However, it is worth to get compliments and celebrations since the Queen’s Award has never been bestowed to any religious groups like the WMSCOG this time.


WMSCOG received Queen's Award

WMSCOG received Queen’s Award

This Award made Someone Happy

With such a good news, the Church of God located in Quezon City is currently full of happiness, giving thanks and praises to God Almighty who made us glorify Him around the world.  Last week too, all the brothers and sisters got together and we were in the middle of talking about how we have been in God.  Then I heard a very interesting story related to one of our sisters in the group.  Her name is Holly and she is a mother of two, working as a teacher in an elementary school.  I also remember the very first day when she came inside the church and got baptized with a beautiful smile about a year ago.  I haven’t seen her for a while but nobody knew why she couldn’t attend the church regularly.


As I heard, she has had a hard time keeping her faith in God because her husband, a catholic strongly refused her going to church.  He used to spend several times of Bible study himself at the Church of God and he even said all he studied in the Bible was undeniable and truly amazing.  Ironically, his only problem was that he didn’t understand why Sister Holly attend the church (it was only for an hour and that is it!) instead of spending time with him at home.  Later on, she just gave up on continuous arguments with him and finally ended up stopping going to church.


One day, however, when the news about the Queen’s Award given to the WMSCOG was announced on TV, Holly and her husband were in the middle of having dinner with two kids at the table and after hearing the news, they got pretty much shocked.  Actually, her husband had some prejudice in the beginning, thinking that the church must be as same as any other churches he could easily find in Philippines.  However, through this WMSCOG Queen’s Award, Sister Holly said he seemed to have deeply regretted his misunderstanding and persecution and he even told her that she could go to church if she still wants.


This Award Also made Me and My Family Happy

In fact, this is not only  her case though.  I also have a same experience when I just started my faith in God in the WMSCOG.  My mom and dad had some misunderstanding about my church and went against my going to church.  However, when they studied the Bible and got to know more about the church, they became so humble and as gentle as a lamb in God.  Now they try to attend the church and worship God with all their hearts and mind.

Anyways, we were so happy with the news about Holly and we are now looking forward to seeing her and giving her a big hug in the church soon!